5 Signs She’s Out of Your League Part

The term “stay in your lane” was not coined in vain. I’m a firm believer that people need to be with people they have a lot in common with. It doesn’t mean that opposites can’t attract. It means simply some people need to be mindful of the people they date and avoid dating people who might ultimately be out of their league. (Two Part Series, see the first part here.

Here are the signs a woman is out of your league fellas:

1. She’s extremely attractive and you’re not. No way to sugar coat this. If you know damn well you aren’t a 10, please stop insisting that you need one. Nickels do this all the time. Insisting the woman they date be beautiful, slim, thick, long flowing hair, light-skinned, exotic, fit, flawless, and meanwhile they’re walking around looking like the Good Year blimp with bad dental records. Stay in your visual lane sweetie and if you’re paying her, understand the rules of engagement. YOU ARE PAYING HER.

2. She’s paid and you’re broke. When a woman has more money than you, understand that one of two things can happen: The first is that she will allow you to do absolutely nothing and to enjoy the benefits of being a kept man, you must do what she wants you to do. There is no negotiation on this, women with loot don’t have time to negotiate with you. If she has little or no respect for you, yet for some strange reasons wants to keep you around, you have to play by her rooms. Option 2 means you will constantly feel like a loser. Let’s face it, very few men can handle their woman making more money than them. it almost always leads to emasculation and ruins the relationship. If she comes from money and has never had to worry about it, you better have some serious ambition. But truthfully, if you come from nothing, her family will not approve and you might be used for sex or as a filler until the right guy comes along. Sorry, dude.

3. You’re socially inadequate. Women who have something going for themselves are usually a part of a bigger network. They are ambitious, determined and on another playing field when it comes to social status. If you’re not comfortable socializing with your woman’s circle, how would you handle the long haul? If she speaks intelligently while you’re splitting verbs every chance you get, you’re going to make yourself a spectacle.

4. She’s fresh off the runway and you dress like a scrub. If she’s dressed to the nines and you don’t even own a suit, you’re not on the right playing field. There are some women who will take on a “project” like you, but most don’t want to. Women want someone who is confident enough to take the lead and set the tone. This doesn’t mean you have to wear Hugo Boss every day, but you need to clean up nice and it starts with your wardrobe. Cleaning up a man’s wardrobe is an easy fix, but who you are is who you are.

5. She’s educated and you have G.E.D. This is one of the most important factors when it comes to playing in your league. Education is a big factor. Women who are highly educated usually don’t mingle with men aren’t–unless you are extremely wealthy. Notice I said wealthy and not rich (there is a difference). Like minds have more in common and there are just some things people with little or no education will understand unless they are extremely cultured. Sure that may sound a little elitist but it’s true. Conversations can be more interesting when you have more in common.



    1. Not really. Most people know when they are out of someone’s league, they just don’t want to admit it. On the other hand, a lot of men in power want a woman who isn’t as smart as they are, especially the really insecure ones. A man who is intelligent isn’t intimidated by a woman with a brain. Which man are you?

      1. [On the other hand, a lot of men in power want a woman who isn’t as smart as they are, especially the really insecure ones.]

        *shrugs* You live in a bizarre world, friend.

        [A man who is intelligent isn’t intimidated by a woman with a brain. Which man are you?]

        LMAO!!! I’ve yet to find an intelligent woman in Los Angeles. With all these women holding their master degrees and PhD’s working white collared jobs, in the dating world, they are as dumb as a door knob and it’s absolutely dumbfounding to me. The United States simply don’t make intellectually smart women or if they do, they encourage these same women to dumb down their intelligence. Most gals that I’ve dated in said white collared jobs ranged in varying levels of stupidity. It’s shocking.

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