5 Signs He’s Full of S**t

Women often waste too much time on men who they think are good for them and ignore the ones that actually are. Having experienced more than my fair share of full of shit men, I can safely say the signs are always there. Social media has created a generation of social cowards–people who hide behind text messages, FB posts and email rather than deal with emotional issues head on. But the old saying “If a man wants you, there’s nothing that will keep him away. And if he doesn’t, there’s nothing that can make him stay.” If you’re sick of trying to decipher whether the guy you’re interested in or are with is full of shit, here’s how to tell:

1. He never calls and only texts or sends Facebook messages. If he’s not available on the phone, how the hell is he gonna be emotionally available? There’s something very impersonal about texts and FB messages. It’s like, “Oh let me see if this chick will respond,” type of thing. And many women do, they set the stage for relationship failure and it puts you in a box if you go for it. More than likely you will be APA (A Piece of Ass) for him. If he doesn’t have to make a real effort to get you, he’s not going to respect you in the long run.

2. He doesn’t ask you on a date, he just wants to “meet” for drinks or whatever. If he asks you to do this via text of Facebook, please know that this emotional coward is really full of shit. Men call and ask you out. They don’t send text messages. If he’s using the excuse, “I’m too busy” or “I don’t have time to talk on the phone”, stop having time for him. Granted a lot of men are not with the whole swooning on the phone thing, but be it a brief conversation or a full on rap session, a man who likes you will call you, period. Don’t let him con you with slick talk trying to make excuses, he’s full of shit, trust me.

3. He’s cheap as hell or wants you to pay for everything. I am a firm believer in playing with the hand I was dealt. If you are dealing with a great guy but he’s not financially able to splurge but he’s not a cheapskate either, don’t write him off, especially if he’s under 30. A lot of men are just coming into their own at 30, (yes these fuckers are learning late in life) so he may be on the come up at his job, some great venture or while he finishes law school or whatever. (Ambition is key.) But hey if this bastard just won’t pay for anything, it means he probably can’t or he’s simply spending his money elsewhere. There’s nothing wrong with going dutch, but if you find your wallet getting emptier than his promises, rid yourself of the loser immediately.

4. His sex game is all about him. Real lovers always ask if you’re satisfied, they never assume. Trouble is, a lot of losers in the sack have never been told that they were lousy in the first place. Some men are never quite able to hit your spot and when you try to tell them, they get defensive and blame you for everything. What a jerk. Who does that. Every woman isn’t turned on the same way and unfortunately a lot of men simply don’t know how to engage you with foreplay because they’ve never been taught. If he’s too much of an arrogant prick to learn what makes you feel good, he’s not worth your goodies.

5. He tells you. Whether you want to hear it or not, men let you know either blatantly or subliminally that they are not available. If he says any of the following, know that you have a better chance of getting struck by lightning than having a relationship with this man:

“I don’t have time for a girlfriend.” (Well if they have time to hang with the boys and have sex with you, they have time for a girlfriend.”

“I don’t want kids/any more kids.” (If he knows you do, he is saying this so you won’t get any ideas or ever even mention you want kids.)

“I’m going through something right now.” (Yeah so is the 99% of the world)

“You’re too good for me.” (No argument here, he’s right.”

“I’m not ready for a relationship right now.” (He’s not–at least not with you.)

“Things are good the way they are.” (Things are good as long as you do things his way. The minute you try to change, he’ll have a problem with you.)

“It’s not you, it’s me.” (What he means is, he’s full of shit not you.)

Run bitch, run!!


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