5 Types of Employees People Hate

The workplace can be like school. There’s the popular crowd, the shrinking violets, the champions and the people we wish would just fucking go somewhere. I’ve worked with people I absolutely loved and people I absolutely hate. When you talk to most employees they will tell you that these are the most annoying people to work with. 

1. The Office Snitch: Probably the most hated of all is the office tattle tale. This person is the one who runs to management for every little thing. The one who has to be informant about what people did or do, the one who will betray you at a moment’s notice. They have an uncanny ability to play victim when they tell though, they’ll act as if they’re so hurt or so offended and appalled by what someone has done. Unfortunately this can work against them just as much as it works for them. In certain environment snitching lets management know you can’t be trusted. No one likes a tattle tale and if you don’t believe that, look at history and see how many snitches have been ostracized from society. If you are the office snitch, you better be prepared to deal with a lot of hate and resentment form your peers. How to deal with the office snitch: Don’t. Do your job, keep your business to yourself and never say anything around them that you don’t want repeated. 

2. The Office Busybody: Ever been at work and no matter what time of day it is there’s someone who shows up and appears out of nowhere doing absolutely nothing? Office Busbybodies are always up to something, unfortunately it’s never what they’re supposed to be doing. They always have something to do but never get around to doing it. They’re a distraction to the highly focused and an annoyance to anyone who’s trying to get some work done. It’s like, “Sit your ass down already!” How to deal: Let them know you’re busy and you have work to do. Use your poker face and don’t engage them. When you start to ignore people, they’ll usually get the hint. If not, ask them if they wouldn’t mind speaking with you a little later because you have a “ton of work to do”! Ask them about their projects and how close they are to completion. They may actually realize they need to got sit their ass down. 

3. The Office Bitch/Asshole: Misery loves company. The Office Bitch/Asshole are miserable people. Nothing makes them happy, not having a job, getting a paycheck, nothing. They have a lot going on and act like it. Typically these folks are miserable in their personal lives and really hate everything about themselves. These folks live to make everyone feel as bad as they are. They use work as an outlet for their social inadequacies. How to deal: The key is to remain aloof with them. If this person is your supervisor, deal with them as little as possible. In other words, do your job, expand your network and look to move on and up. Working for an asshole or bitch isn’t easy and trust me, they will drain the life out of you if you let them. 

4. The Office Know-it-All: There’s an old saying. “One that knows everything can learn nothing.” Recently a friend told me about a loudmouth know-it-all in her work training class. The person had an answer for everything, allegedly had all this experience but was the main one fumbling when they got on the sales floor. Know-it-Alls are just as annoying as the Office Snitch because they’re always running their mouth. A lot of their information is wrong, but you can’t tell them that. They’ll find a way to argue their point and explain why their way is the right way even if it’s wrong. The Office Know-it-All has an uncanny ability to receive eye rolls and head shakes of pity from everyone around them, trouble is they never notice because they already know you’re irritated! How to deal: Shut them down. Change the subject, walk away or ignore them. You cannot argue with a fool and usually that’s exactly what they are. 

5. The Office Slacker: Slackers always have an excuse. They never have their work done on time, they miss work, show up late, try to guilt trip you, and basically piss everyone off. The slacker is the one who informs the team the day before a projects due that they are having trouble. They’ll wait until the very last minute then come up with some excuse as to why they didn’t do something. They are basically big babies who want to be spoon fed and pitied. How to deal: Hold their sorry asses accountable. Don’t let them get away with anything. Make them own up to their mistakes and if all else fails, have The Office Snitch tell on them. 


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