7 Things That Let People Know You’re Ignorant in the Workplace

1. You talk too much. – Learn when to keep your mouth shut. If you’re constantly babbling, asking stupid questions (yes there is such a thing), gossiping, tattling and offering your opinion when no one has asked for it, you’re doing yourself more harm than good. Although you may not realize it because you’re too busy running your mouth, people are taking notice and if you keep it up you’ll never be trusted or considered for anything.

2. You’re loud. – This often goes hand in hand with people talking too much because people who are loud are basically crying for attention.

3. You dress inappropriately. I’m all for a business casual work environment, but some people take things just a little too far. There are a few things that we don’t need to see in the workplace and here’s some to name a few: leggings, jeggings, spandex, overalls, hooker boots, RIP t-shirts, dirty clothes (literally), wrinkled clothes (really?), Kool-Aid red hair–or green, or blue, you get the picture;

4. You’re uneducated. People love to mock education when they don’t have any. But honestly, unless your life’s ambition is to be a low level employee forever, an education will only enhance your career opportunities. And no I’m not asking about the matchbox schools that use celebrities  or some loud clown to get you to enroll in some 12 week certificate program. I’m talking about a real college. Community college is fine, it’s a stepping stone and their are great programs that offer associates degrees particularly in nursing, computer/IT or trades. But aiming higher is the goal if you want to succeed in a corporate environment. Most management and executive level jobs will require a degree at some point–unless you own the company.

5. You lack ambition. When you’re asked to do something, instead of taking on the challenge, you try and swindle your way out of it. When you’re asked a question and don’t know the answer, you make a joke about it and try to change the subject. When you’re offered more responsibility, you don’t want it. So yes, it’s fair to say you’re not ambitious. Lack of ambition stems from a lot of things: complacency, inferiority complex, self-esteem, lack of knowledge etc. Ambition can’t be taught, but you’re not going to win any awards being a shrinking violet. If you’re okay where yo are and don’t ever want anything more, then so be it. But if you would like more from life, you need to start acting like it.

6. You’re unprofessional. Unprofessional behavior is uncommon in the workplace, but it usually stems from ignorance and a lack of maturity. Examples of unprofessional behavior include: bullying, forming cliques, speaking in condescending tones, using  abusive or inappropriate language, ignoring a person’s presence, ignoring a person’s greeting, gossiping, discriminating, shifting blame to a coworker for your mistake, ignoring e-mail or phone messages, leaving malfunctioning equipment for someone else to fix, not apologizing when you really need to. These are just a few of the more common examples.

7. You don’t have any boundaries. Everyone at work is not your friend, your homie, a potential date or someone to kick it with. You need to learn to do your job, be professional and remember why you are at work. I see so many people acting like they are in high school and at work and I think, “Thank God I know better.” Know when you are overstepping your bounds and know when you need to stay in your place. Everything is not your business, everyone is not on your side, and people are watching you.


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