7 Reasons Women Cheat

1. She is not sexually satisfied. Let’s face it, women are being more vocal about what they want in the bedroom. If you’re not bringing it and you’re not willing to listen to what we want, we’ll find it elsewhere. If we really love you, we will try and try and try again before we physically make a move and be with another man. It is really a last resort, but what’s the point of being in a relationship if you can’t enjoy sex with your man. If you’re an adult male and still talking about you don’t go downtown, you are probably going to be cheated on. Unless your woman is an asexual prude or simply doesn’t like your skills, dining on southern cuisine is an exciting part of the sexual experience. If she’s doing it for you, you are obligated. That’s right obligated. Don’t expect to receive if you aren’t willing to reciprocate. As far as your sexual technique, lovemaking is an art form and you need the proper tools and an imagination to create art. Take that any way you want.

2. You’re boring. I hear women complain about their men being boring all the time. “He doesn’t want to do anything”. Now when we say you’re boring, it means we have completely lost all hope in getting you to do anything. Maybe you’re too tired, maybe you’re working too much, maybe you have just become complacent. Whatever the case, you’ve given up. Women enjoy romance and we enjoy being out with our men. Date your mate. Don’t let work, bills or kids or anything else get in the way of your ability to make time for love. Even if you just go out once a week, be spontaneous and make something happen. Otherwise, you’re making it easy for your woman to step out on you. Is it right? No, but it can and does happen.

3. She is no longer physically attracted to you. Lets face it, sometimes in relationships people get comfortable and don’t care how they look anymore. I’ve seen it time and time again. The guy who looks like he swallowed three tires,  hasn’t shaved in months, is losing hair and refuses to go bald (not sexy), and ultimately, you look like you stink. Your woman may not ever say it–especially if you’re a great provider, but she hates having sex with you. Trust me on this, some women will put up with anything to be taken care of, but it doesn’t mean they like it. Keep yourself up, workout and make the effort to look like something–please.

4. You act like you don’t care anymore. You have stopped caring about her, your life together, and anything that has to do with the two of you. if you act like you don’t care about us, we will find someone who does. Men need to be loved, women need to be wanted. If you’re not showing us affection, it’s telling us you don’t give a damn. And at some point neither will we.

5. You’re not ambitious. You’ve been in same position since you started with your company–ten years ago. You don’t want to move up, get a better job, nothing. You’re too content. This happened to a friend of mine, his wife got sick of his lack of ambition and went and found someone who was a boss–literally. A man with no ambition is a dream deflated–and not attractive. Unless you’re with a hood rat, your woman prefers you be ambitious. You should always strive for more.

6. She doesn’t respect you. I don’t think I need to go into much detail about this. But somewhere along the way your woman lost respect for you. Once it’s gone, you’ll never get it back. Love and respect are not the same thing. Always remember that.

7. Payback. You cheated on her and she got tired of it. Simple as that.


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